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The Capsule's Pride
The Capsule's Pride
No Label
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July 2016

Bwana's otherworldly soundtrack to the 1988 cyberpunk anime opus Akira is finally given the white label wax treatment so many of you have been hoping for. The Capsule's Pride blends a spiky mixture of soundtrack ambience and hallucinatory snatches of dialogue with street level techno that places it somewhere between Dusk & Blackdown's Margins Music, Yamasuki, KWC92 & Black Rain.

Having appeared seemingly out of nowhere back in March, the internet went into meltdown with Bwana's the free download of The Capsule's Pride, with Fact hailing the album as "one of the most straight up enjoyable albums of club music for ages." the nine tracks showcased Bwana's talent for producing out and out raw stripped back techno, but with snatches of samples from the original film sprinkled into the mix the overall effect created was something between peak time lights down basement club mixed with the adrenaline of travelling through Neo-Tokyo full pelt on Akira's bike towards the unknown, the sounds of the streets around flashing before your ears in a slow motion tilt.

With its rain on concrete ambience soaking through the traditional Japanese instrumentation and glimmering synth lines, Bwana's created an album that is both startingly fresh whilst having a timelessness that slots in nicely with the original films grim view of a future unknown. If you are an avid manga fan who's rinsed the film and are looking for a new fix, a home listening head wanting some electronic escapism or a DJ on the prowl for some science fiction techno to drop mid-set that's gonna blow some minds while creating a vast entourage of people rushing to the decks asking where they recognise the speech samples from then you can't do much worse than give this a spin. The Capsule's Pride is a captivating listen that we can't begin to recommend highly enough.

  1. 1 Capsule's Pride (Bikes) Bwana 6:13
  2. 2 Kiyoko's Vision Bwana 5:20
  3. 3 Nightfall In Neo-Tokyo Bwana 4:22
  4. 4 Failed Escape (Where You Belong) Bwana 3:41
  5. 5 The Colonel's Mistake, The Scientist's Regret Bwana 6:40
  6. 6 SOL Bwana 2:39
  7. 7 Akira's Light Bwana 5:11
  8. 8 K&K (Lovers In The Light) Bwana 4:54
  9. 9 Tetsuo's Dance Bwana 3:56


No Label

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