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The Diary Instrumentals
J Dilla
The Diary Instrumentals
Pay Jay
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July 2016
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The sample flipping talents of Pete Rock, House Shoes, Madlib, Waajeed and many more are showcased in their full form on this instrumental version of the long lost J Dilla album The Diary. Multi-track masters of the album were found on 2 inch tape back in 2006 when Dilla passed away, and until now have remained largely unheard by the general public. Released through the James Yancey estate via Pay Jay, the company set up by Dilla at the turn of the millennium to house his production and publishing work. Essential for the diehard fan, but also a sure shot for anybody interested in absorbing a piece of Hip-Hop history!

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  1. 1 The Introduction J Dilla 2:00
  2. 2 The Anthem J Dilla 1:23
  3. 3 Fight Club J Dilla 1:23
  4. 4 The Shining (part 1 - Diamonds) J Dilla 1:23
  5. 5 The Shining (part 1 - Diamonds) J Dilla 0:35
  6. 6 Trucks J Dilla  
  7. 7 Trucks J Dilla  
  8. 8 Drive Me Wild J Dilla  
  9. 9 Give Them What They Want J Dilla  
  10. 10 The Creep (The O) J Dilla  
  11. 11 The Ex J Dilla  
  12. 12 So Far J Dilla  
  13. 13 Fuck The Police J Dilla  
  14. 14 The Diary J Dilla  

J Dilla

Pay Jay

Hip Hop

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