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Mika Vainio
Ideal Recordings
Catalogue Number
Release Date
June 2016
6 Clips
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Translating as ‘Tectonic Plate’, this new CD release by Finnish electronic/noise legend Mika Vainio features work composed as an accompanying soundtrack to new film work by Mika Taanila, a Finnish artist with whom Vainio has collaborated with on multimedia cinema twice before. Through his output as Ø (Phase) and one half of Pan Sonic, Mika Vainio has existed on the fringes of the minimal techno scene, though more indebted to 80’s industrial and the stranger records on Chain Reaction than to often referenced pioneers like Hood or Hawtin. Sparse, tense, cold yet not without an air of intrigue – check the track titles!

  1. 1 Oisin Pidan Magneetteja Vatsallani - At Night I Keep Magnets On My Stomach Mika Vainio
  2. 2 Aurinko Heijastuu Kentan Paatyyn - The Sun Is Reflected On The End Of The Airfield Mika Vainio
  3. 3 Voisin Olla Vanha Mies Huoltamon Pihassa - I Could Be An Old Man In Front Of A Service Station Mika Vainio
  4. 4 GK21 Jetstar Japan Departed 04h40mn Mika Vainio
  5. 5 Oisin Putoan Lakkaamatta - At Night I Fall Endlessly Mika Vainio
  6. 6 Muisto Palaa Selittamattomasti - A Memory Returning Inexplicably Mika Vainio

Mika Vainio

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