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Planet Mu
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July 2016
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Tom Scholefield directly links his surroundings at certain times in life to the music which he ends up creating, citing his last LP Regional Surrealism as being influenced by ‘concrete and junkies’ back when he was living alone in Glasgow city centre. A move to the city’s leafy West End helped shape the nostalgic yet firmly buoyant feel which the tracks on Caramel contain. Now residing in Berlin, where the finishing touches were added to the album, he spends much of his time touring a live A/V set with Lone. Varied, exciting, and immersive, Scholefields second album fits right at home in the Planet Mu catalogue.

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  1. 1 Video Club 2:17 Konx-Om-Pax Buy
  2. 2 Perc Rave 4:13 Konx-Om-Pax Buy
  3. 3 Last Jam Forever 3:07 Konx-Om-Pax Buy
  4. 4 Manhunter 2:52 Konx-Om-Pax Buy
  5. 5 Oren's Theme 3:25 Konx-Om-Pax Buy
  6. 6 Frozen Border 2:55 Konx-Om-Pax Buy
  7. 7 Mega Glacial 4:13 Konx-Om-Pax Buy
  8. 8 Caramel 3:27 Konx-Om-Pax Buy
  9. 9 Radiance 3:58 Konx-Om-Pax Buy
  10. 10 Beatrice's Visit 3:33 Konx-Om-Pax Buy
  11. 11 Stay 3:33 Konx-Om-Pax Buy
  12. 12 Cosmic Trigger 2:57 Konx-Om-Pax Buy
  13. 13 At The Lake 3:59 Konx-Om-Pax Buy
  14. 14 Rainbow Bounce 2:40 Konx-Om-Pax Buy


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