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Danish mega producer, Trentemoller returns with his fourth album proper with a well lavished sense of the new romantic and coldwave about it. It’s a stark listen, that is likely to prick the ears of unsuspecting or even unknowing fans of Anders Trentemoller’s music. Though his touring set up has built up to a full band, the album itself was recorded entirely alone. It’s a logical evolution from his 2013 album, Lost, with Fixion retaining his trademark melancholy and adding a darkly romantic edge to it. Fewer guest vocalists feature this time around, with fellow Dane Marie Fisker, Giana Factory’s Lisbet Fritze and Savages Jehnny Beth making contributions.

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  1. 1 One Eye Open 4:16 Trentemoller Buy
  2. 2 Never Fade 5:15 Trentemoller Buy
  3. 3 Sinus 4:15 Trentemoller Buy
  4. 4 River in Me 2:55 Trentemoller Buy
  5. 5 Phoenicia 4:09 Trentemoller Buy
  6. 6 Redefine 4:46 Trentemoller Buy
  7. 7 My Conviction 4:06 Trentemoller Buy
  8. 8 November 6:48 Trentemoller Buy
  9. 9 Spinning 6:07 Trentemoller Buy
  10. 10 Circuits 3:59 Trentemoller Buy
  11. 11 Complicated 4:21 Trentemoller Buy
  12. 12 Where the Shadows Fall 5:09 Trentemoller Buy


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