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Do These
Do These
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June 2016
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Those Rave-misfits, Evol are back on Lorenzo Senni’s Presto!? label for another brain-frying session set to melt some heads, and disturb some cats. Evol’s catalogue is a tour de force in deconstruction and abstraction. Taking the core elements of rave music and slicing it through computer algorithm, acute process and painstaking synthesis. The eleven pieces here are intoxicating, nauseating, extreme, dissonant but strangely compelling. Followers of the SND/Mark Fell glitchverse, and the outer-reaches of Autechre’s world will find things to love here.

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  1. 1 Do These One 2:00 EVOL Buy
  2. 2 Do These Two 3:00 EVOL Buy
  3. 3 Do These Three 2:00 EVOL Buy
  4. 4 Do These Four 2:42 EVOL Buy
  5. 5 Do These Five 1:56 EVOL Buy
  6. 6 Do These Six 2:00 EVOL Buy
  7. 7 Do These Seven 2:00 EVOL Buy
  8. 8 Do These Eight 3:04 EVOL Buy
  9. 9 Do These Nine 3:19 EVOL Buy
  10. 10 Do These Ten 3:21 EVOL Buy
  11. 11 Do These Eleven 5:06 EVOL Buy


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