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Noise Patterns
Tristan Perich
Noise Patterns
Physical Editions
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June 2016

Tristan Perich goes industrial for the latest instalment in his circuit board album for the aptly named Physical Editions. Where his previous 1-bit symphony focused on chiptune freestyles that, on reflection sound like the early Sensate Focus 12"s or Quantum Jelly being battered by Computer Jay, this new entry shifts its focus to a more austere and cold-snap electro-acoustic noise more in line with Russell Haswell & Merzbow going totally techno. Clocking in at 12 or so minutes, each track starts like an AFX'ian microphone in a blender DJ set. It's swirling digital showers of falling 1's and 0's coming together to create vast waves of intense brain flossing electro-acoustic noise, also it is completely assembled on a circuit board (unlike the vast array of noise being released on cassettes week after week) Chewy salvation for the EVOL/ALku, Ae and Vainio heads.

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  1. 1 Section 1 2:28 Tristan Perich
  2. 2 Section 2 2:44 Tristan Perich
  3. 3 Section 3 2:03 Tristan Perich
  4. 4 Section 4 3:17 Tristan Perich
  5. 5 Section 5   Tristan Perich
  6. 6 Section 6   Tristan Perich

Tristan Perich

Physical Editions

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