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William Basinski
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Release Date
January 17, 2003


14 short melancholy tape-loops from the early eighties Remastered. "Melancholia is possibly the best of Basinski's to date, even if this is hard for me to say given my love for each one of his releases. Contrarily to his 'continuing' projects such as Disintegration Loops and Water Music, this is a sort of a sketch album, made of short pieces all created with tape loops and some synthetic wave here and there. This music is so beautifully delicate and sad in its auto-reflective moods, it stands right there with everything ranging from the usual suspects in the 'ambient' field, to a distorted damp ghost of Claude Debussy or Maurice Ravel put into a time machine" Massimo Ricci

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Melancholia I 3:25 Buy
  2. 2 Melancholia II 6:50 Buy

    Melancholia II

  3. 3 Melancholia III 1:54 Buy

    Melancholia III

  4. 4 Melancholia IV 4:14 Buy

    Melancholia IV

  5. 5 Melancholia V 1:12 Buy
  6. 6 Melancholia VI 2:16 Buy

    Melancholia VI

  7. 7 Melancholia VII 2:26 Buy

    Melancholia VII

  8. 8 Melancholia VIII 3:07 Buy

    Melancholia VIII

  9. 9 Melancholia IX 3:35 Buy

    Melancholia IX

  10. 10 Melancholia X 1:07 Buy
  11. 11 Melancholia XI 1:14 Buy

    Melancholia XI

  12. 12 Melancholia XII 7:09 Buy

    Melancholia XII

  13. 13 Melancholia XIII 2:00 Buy

    Melancholia XIII

  14. 14 Melancholia XIV 6:03 Buy

    Melancholia XIV

William Basinski

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