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Which Way to Leave?
John Chantler
Which Way to Leave?
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August 2016
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Modular synth wizard John Chantler prepares a new album of compositions for Room40, all recorded at his home in Stockholm and at the infamous EMS studio. Relocating from London to Stockholm recently, Which Way to Leave? explores the concept of familiarity and unfamiliarity through processed drones and concrete-esque chop and change techniques. ‘First December’ is one of our favourite picks, and is also interesting due to the parallel of ‘Second December’ – the first being a 10 minute epic and the latter being a very short two minute piece. Perhaps a sonic metaphor for the familiarity in surroundings one year on? Regardless of looking too deep into Chantler’s mind, this is a great collection of intriguing and cavernous synth scapes which will appeal to any fans of electronic music.

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  1. 1 Falling Forward 3:38 John Chantler Buy
  2. 2 Two and Four 2:18 John Chantler Buy
  3. 3 Clearing 1:04 John Chantler Buy
  4. 4 Fixation Pulse 6:22 John Chantler Buy
  5. 5 Lesser Demands 2:27 John Chantler Buy
  6. 6 All Visible Signs 6:31 John Chantler Buy
  7. 7 First December 10:28 John Chantler Buy
  8. 8 Second December 2:35 John Chantler Buy
  9. 9 Beginning Again 6:56 John Chantler Buy

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