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Social Housing
Marquis Hawkes
Social Housing
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June 2016
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Ode to Berlin. Social Housing is the UK ex-pat-producer Marquis Hawkes sonic-tribute ode to the German cities’ not-for-profit, association-managed social housing schemes and the positive effect it’s had on his (and many others) life and music. Live cheap and make beats. A filter-house-revival is upon us, and it makes smile. The twelve joints here buzz with a Summery intensity; like being thrown out doors in the dazzling German sun, loaded on Club-Mate, dreams of Berghain utopias… Trainspotters will notice It also comes with a cover by Underground Resistance member Alan Oldham (aka DJ T-1000), whose comic book-inspired art has been seen on labels such as Transmat and Djax-Up-Beats. Oh, and Jocelyn Brown makes a vocal appearance. What more do you want!

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  1. 1 Ode To a Broken Heart 3:58 Marquis Hawkes Buy
  2. 2 The Landsberger Funk 7:00 Marquis Hawkes Buy
  3. 3 Fantasy 4:04 Marquis Hawkes Buy
  4. 4 Tim's Keys 6:31 Marquis Hawkes feat. Timothy Blake Buy
  5. 5 I'm So Glad (Satisfied Mix) 5:01 Marquis Hawkes feat. Jocelyn Brown Buy
  6. 6 Summer Memory 7:27 Marquis Hawkes Buy
  7. 7 Six Sixty Groove 5:20 Marquis Hawkes Buy
  8. 8 Locked Out 5:25 Marquis Hawkes Buy
  9. 9 Feel The Music 6:21 Marquis Hawkes Buy
  10. 10 Wake Up, Baby! 6:03 Marquis Hawkes Buy
  11. 11 Something In Yr Head 6:34 Marquis Hawkes Buy
  12. 12 Apple of My Eye 5:35 Marquis Hawkes feat. Timothy Blake Buy

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