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The New Age Travellers
DMX Krew
The New Age Travellers
Breakin Records
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August 2016
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Bleep favourite Ed DMX presents us with The New Age Travellers, 13 tracks that takes us back through time in to the new age of Sci-fi and the early experiments of the Radiophonic Workshop, past some finger clicking cool italo disco and back out to space.

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  1. 1 Approach to Stonehenge 3:53 DMX Krew Buy
  2. 2 Nightdrive A303 1:53 DMX Krew Buy
  3. 3 Ritual 1:03 DMX Krew Buy
  4. 4 After the Battle 1:52 DMX Krew Buy
  5. 5 Engine Trouble 2:44 DMX Krew Buy
  6. 6 Bedford YRQ 0:43 DMX Krew Buy
  7. 7 Family Time 2:36 DMX Krew Buy
  8. 8 Dayride A303 5:48 DMX Krew Buy
  9. 9 Strange Creatures 1:11 DMX Krew Buy
  10. 10 The Horsedrawn 1:18 DMX Krew Buy
  11. 11 Wiltshire Sunrise 1:17 DMX Krew Buy
  12. 12 Winter Months 3:18 DMX Krew Buy
  13. 13 Final Credits 1:45 DMX Krew Buy

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