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Heat, War, Sweat, Law
Laurie Tompkins
Heat, War, Sweat, Law
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May 2016
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Slip head honcho Laurie Tompkins unveils the studio work of Heat, War, Sweat, Law. Having seen this performed recently at Cafe OTO, we can confirm that the experience has been translated well into a recorded format. Kind of like a low-fi Cut Hands / Whitehouse covers band, Heat, War, Sweat, Law features a lot of shouting over an array of found objects being smashed about. It's an acoustic noise record at its core, a Dominick Fernow meets Harry Partch at a DIY gig in South Manchester. Good stuff as ever from this crew!

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  1. 1 Sweat 2:54 Laurie Tompkins Buy
  2. 2 Law 1:44 Laurie Tompkins Buy
  3. 3 Heat 3:16 Laurie Tompkins Buy
  4. 4 Cigarette 2:04 Laurie Tompkins Buy
  5. 5 War 3:46 Laurie Tompkins Buy
  6. 6 Radiator 1:37 Laurie Tompkins Buy
  7. 7 Mini Wheat 2:09 Laurie Tompkins Buy
  8. 8 Implore 0:46 Laurie Tompkins Buy
  9. 9 Regret 2:29 Laurie Tompkins Buy

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