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Beatice Dillion /  Karen Gwyer
Beatrice Dillon / Karen Gwyer
Beatice Dillion / Karen Gwyer
Alien Jams
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June 2016

Tipped 12" from Beatrice Dillon & Karen Gwyer, going head to head for Alien Jams. Beatrice can do no wrong really, her tripping dub-jazz-techno cuts sound like what we imagine the Slip crew covering a Basic Channel side would go some way to sounding like, and Curl is possibly the best work from her yet. On the reverse, Karen Gwyer's Common Soundproofing Myths tips its head towards an 80's sci-fi soundtrack vibe but with a few tabs of acid dropped into the mix. If you dug her stunning Cavern of Anti-Matter remix this is a no brainer. Hands down this is the best release yet for this LDN label yet, here's hoping there's gonna be a follow up from these two soon!

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  1. 1 Beatrice Dillon - Curl 1:00 Beatrice Dillon / Karen Gwyer
  2. 2 Karen Gwyer - Common Soundproofing Myths 1:00 Beatrice Dillon / Karen Gwyer

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