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Jonny Greenwood
XL Recordings
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May 2018
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Back in 2003 Jonny Greenwood was just a humble lad playing guitar in the biggest rock band in the world. Having got a taste for the avant during Radiohead’s Kid A/Amnesiac sessions a couple of years earlier, Greenwood got a chance to flex his compositional muscles when he was invited to score Simon Pummell’s documentary Bodysong. Heard in the light of the more refined compositions he has subsequently turned in for films like Phantom Thread and There Will Be Blood - the latter of which used Bodysong’s ‘Convergence’ - the music here makes for intriguing listening. It finds Greenwood matching up his chamber music and minimalist aspirations with the experiments in electronic composition and free jazz that he had been playing within Radiohead. All in all, this is an unusual, innovative album.

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  1. 1 Moon Thrills 5:17 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  2. 2 Moon Mall 1:12 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  3. 3 Trench 2:38 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  4. 4 Iron Swallow 2:09 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  5. 5 Clockwork Tin Soldiers 3:49 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  6. 6 Convergence 4:26 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  7. 7 Nudnik Headache 2:16 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  8. 8 Peartree 3:06 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  9. 9 Splitter 3:57 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  10. 10 Bode Radio / Glass Light / Broken Hearts 4:36 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  11. 11 24 Hour Charleston 2:39 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  12. 12 Milky Drops From Heaven 4:44 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  13. 13 Tehellet 3:40 Jonny Greenwood Buy

Jonny Greenwood

XL Recordings

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