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Christian Naujoks
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May 2016
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Dial mainstay Christian Naujoks sets up his third LP for the label, and as anticipated it’s stunning. For Wave, he worked with the in-demand German production engineer Tobias Levin, who has also done studio time with artists like Kreidler, Faust and Felix Kubin, as well as Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory. If one thinks Hamburg and Dial, one thinks Jon Roberts glassy productions, throbbing Efdemin techno, chiming peak time Flugel… Wave is not that. Naujoks plays solo guitar; imagine Fennesz and Robert Wyatt, Vini Reilly’s incredible Factory Records band Durutti column and you are there. Beautiful.

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  1. 1 Little Dume 4:33 Christian Naujoks Buy
  2. 2 Taipei 4:30 Christian Naujoks Buy
  3. 3 96 Frames Per Second 2:31 Christian Naujoks Buy
  4. 4 Corralito 1:58 Christian Naujoks Buy
  5. 5 Wave 5:04 Christian Naujoks Buy
  6. 6 Jet Stream 3:32 Christian Naujoks Buy
  7. 7 All The King's Horses 3:09 Christian Naujoks Buy
  8. 8 Playback Room 3:48 Christian Naujoks Buy
  9. 9 The Game 3:15 Christian Naujoks Buy
  10. 10 Pacific Street 3:07 Christian Naujoks Buy

Christian Naujoks


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