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Logan Takahashi
Ghostly International
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April 2016
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Logan Takahashi is one half of glossy house-duo, Teengirl Fantasy (True Panther, R&S) NoGeo, is his debut solo album. Where the Teengirl’s reveled in euphoric builds, glassy pads, piano-house motifs – Takahashi takes a different turn. This is melancholy machine music, closer to darkly dystopian Millsian techno than bright and bubbly K-Klass house music. The synths are coldwave, the tone beautifully austere, the rhythmic patterns are complex - placing NoGeo in the same space as vintage Planet Mu, Aphex and all that.

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  1. 1 Coral D 4:29 Logan Takahashi
  2. 2 Cella 4:02 Logan Takahashi Buy
  3. 3 Orb-O 3:12 Logan Takahashi
  4. 4 Low Frequency Wind 3:28 Logan Takahashi
  5. 5 Dizz 3:39 Logan Takahashi
  6. 6 Build 3:00 Logan Takahashi
  7. 7 Kazoku Ogawa 7:36 Logan Takahashi
  8. 8 Rekr 5:17 Logan Takahashi
  9. 9 Dizz Reprise (Bonus Track) 3:26 Logan Takahashi

Logan Takahashi

Ghostly International

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