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The Triad
Pantha Du Prince
The Triad
Rough Trade
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May 2016
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First new solo LP from Pantha Du Prince in six (!) years, picking up where the jarring Black Noise solo effort and the astounding collab with The Bell Laboratory in 2012 kicked off. Pantha Du Prince has always operated slightly outside of any scene, peddling his unique take on vocalised house with an indie sensibility, The Triad is part melodic, slightly melancholic and distinctly abstract in an equal measure that will give it widescreen appeal to the people favoring both the techno club and indie dancefloor.

Where Black Noise explored themes of alienation in the studio environment, The Triad is formed as a way to breakout of what Pantha calls the "digital dust that surrounds us" and going back to the roots of getting a load of mates in a room and throwing down some jams and letting the sounds flow freely, an almost protest of sorts at digital transfers and remote production units sharing sound across online platforms. The Triad has a free flowing feel to it as if Can went fully electronic, cracking out a few Rolands and a 909 or if TILIY-era Four Tet left Plastic People to spend the weekends DJing in Watergate.

The ten tracks bounce between indie laden jams and minimal tech trax with added glistening synth work that sparkles with a steady house sensibility. A strong influence of his current reside of Berlin shines strong with Villalobos style clicks and cuts shadowing the drums and the ten minute deb-tech epic Chasing Vapour Trails sounding not unlike something you could hear at 11 am on a Sunday resonating through the walls of Panorama Bar. Continuing his quest of producing floor fillers for indie disco's The Triad is possibly the most realized piece of work from the Du Prince yet. Proper Sunday morning jams to loose yourself in that will be an instant hit with the Holden, Text and Workshop heads.

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  1. 1 The Winter Hymn 4:37 Pantha Du Prince (feat. Queens) Buy
  2. 2 You What? Euphoria! 5:52 Pantha Du Prince Buy
  3. 3 Frau im Mond, Sterne laufen 6:12 Pantha Du Prince Buy
  4. 4 In an Open Space 5:54 Pantha Du Prince (feat. Queens) Buy
  5. 5 Chasing Vapour Trails 10:10 Pantha Du Prince (feat. Joachim & Kassian) Buy
  6. 6 Lichterschmaus 4:20 Pantha Du Prince Buy
  7. 7 Dream Yourself Awake 7:06 Pantha Du Prince Buy
  8. 8 Lions Love 6:55 Pantha Du Prince (feat. Joachim) Buy
  9. 9 Islands in the Sky 6:23 Pantha Du Prince Buy
  10. 10 Wallflower for Pale Saints 5:02 Pantha Du Prince Buy

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