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The Black Dog and Black Sifichi
The Book of Dogma III
Dust Science
Catalogue Number
Dust V053
Release Date
March 4, 2016


The third chapter in the always unmissable Book Of Dogma reissues series from The Black Dog, pairing the group's two LP's recorded with spoken word artist Black Sifichi; “Unsavoury Products” and “Genetically Modified” there are forty plus tracks to lose yourself in. The group states that this new Dogma edition is composed as a tribute to the underground cultural hero and seminal writer William S. Burroughs, inspired by TBD's sadly unfinished collaboration they were working on with Burroughs that began in the months before his untimely passing (imagine what that would have sounded like!) These recordings build on the structures of Burroughs tape loop experiments while taking influence from them and creating possibly the first beat poetry techno albums. Though no stranger to the beat scene (the groups 1989 track Virtual contained a vocal sample of Allen Ginsberg reading his poem Europe! Europe!) the results of these albums with Black Sifichi are a startingly original flourish into post-industrial experimentation, here we find Black Dog bytes of Music For Adverts style library-tronics perfectly acting the part of an ambient wall of noise for Sifichi's cut up stream of consciousness poetry. These recordings flew under the radar of a lot of people when they first came out so props to the group for re-releasing them for new generations to discover and for highlighting the work of one of the greatest wrtiters to ever experiment with audio technique and technology.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 What Do They Want? 2:56 Buy

    What Do They Want?

  2. 2 Dogbite 4:20 Buy
  3. 3 Secret Biscuits 3:49 Buy

    Secret Biscuits

  4. 4 If I Were King 3:29 Buy

    If I Were King

  5. 5 B4 the Sky Was Built 3:34 Buy

    B4 the Sky Was Built

  6. 6 Dear Ron 3:03 Buy
  7. 7 Invisible Things 4:13 Buy

    Invisible Things

  8. 8 Let's Talk Music 4:25 Buy

    Let's Talk Music

  9. 9 Mental Health Hotline 2:07 Buy

    Mental Health Hotline

  10. 10 Va Zee 1:32 Buy
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