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Animals Have Feelings
Animals Have Feelings
Stones Throw
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March 2016
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Samiyam makes a much-welcomed return to the fold with his Stones Throw debut, having crafted out a unique style of start/stop hip-hop with no drop and collaborating with scene figurehead Flylo, Samiyam has had a relatively quiet few years but Animals Have Feelings proves he has been hard at work in the lab pumpin' demos and makin' songs phat. Returning to his old tracks, AHF is almost like a Rap Beats part. 2 mixtapes in parts, quick fire drum ready sample heavy decks that breeze along and dissipate as fast as they arrived, basically this is prime time smokers' delight with excellent usage of samples and sounds laid into a style that is undeniably recognisable straight away as Samiyam. Highly enjoyable LP this one and a killer munch for anyone rinsing Donuts or some L.A. EP magic, and if you're reading this then that's more than likely gonna be your fill - dig deep.

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  1. 1 Taco Chase 2:08 Samiyam Buy
  2. 2 Blowed 1:30 Samiyam Buy
  3. 3 Calisthenics 1:46 Samiyam Buy
  4. 4 Kimchee 2:07 Samiyam Buy
  5. 5 Meditate 1:06 Samiyam Buy
  6. 6 Part 1 2:38 Samiyam Buy
  7. 7 Lord Of The Rings 3:01 Samiyam featuring Jeremiah Jae and Oliver The 2nd Buy
  8. 8 Animals Have Feelings 2:15 Samiyam Buy
  9. 9 Surprise 1:39 Samiyam Buy
  10. 10 Pier 4 1:40 Samiyam Buy
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Stones Throw

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