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The Original Recordings
The Original Recordings
Astral Industries
Catalogue Number
Release Date
August 2016
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Opulent London imprint Astral Industries ekes out their third release with a vital reissue of archival new-age electro-acoustic fare from Dutch communal collective Chi. The Original Recordings draws material from recordings made on the commune’s Moordrecht farm in the mid-80’s, utilising modest synths, guitars and handmade percussion to craft riveting pieces of free-form expression that seem to embody the communal spirit of the group. Yet, this is music free of any of the clichéd new-age signifiers, more an authentic collection of naturally evolving, meditative pieces, steeped in a kind of rare collective telepathy that occurs when creating music as a living conjoint. The sedate mood is set on ‘Kuhl’, with gentle guitar strings interweaving with gentle hand-drumming and sweeping synths, ‘Twisted Camel’ nods to the kosmiche styles emanating from Germany at the time whilst ‘Dance’ conjures tribal, bordering on shamanistic vibrations with its primordial rhythms recalling the oddball quirks of ethno-warriors Futuro Antico. Whilst these comparisons can be made, the atmosphere feels absorbing, yet detached and unreplicable – truly unique music of a certain time and place.


  1. Kuhl
  2. Before The Mountain
  3. Hopi
  4. Twisted Camel
  5. Marat
  6. Soppin'
  7. Dance
  8. Kuhl II
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  1. 1 Kuhl 6:22 CHI Buy
  2. 2 Before the Mountain 8:03 CHI Buy
  3. 3 Hopi 8:56 CHI Buy
  4. 4 Twisted Camel 8:56 CHI Buy
  5. 5 Mahat 20:21 CHI Buy
  6. 6 Soppin' 6:46 CHI Buy
  7. 7 Dance 5:18 CHI Buy
  8. 8 Kuhl II 2:56 CHI Buy
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