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Part of our Albums of the Year 2016

In a year that has seen the world turned upside down, Babyfather's "BBF" Hosted By DJ Escrow is, alongside Anohni’s Hopelessnes a vastly focused on 2016 politically charged, yet life-affirming albums. Donning a brilliant cover design of a Union Jack-clad hoverboard on the edge of the city of London. Beyond the noise excursions, ringtones and the comedic DJ Escrow bars, "BBF" carries a strong and serious message in its undercurrent that does a lot to get across the feelings of social unease and unrest that is bubbling just under the surface of the disaffected youth to which "BBF" goes a long way towards representing.

Sleeve-art that has the online world foaming at the gills (with good reason), fresh collaborations with Arca, and Mica Levi, a press release written by British DJ/Hollywood Actor Idris Elba, track-titles like ‘Greezebloc’, ‘Esco Freestyle’, ‘Killuminati’ – it can only mean the glorious return of Dean Blunt (alongside other, as yet unrevealed, Babyfather members). Whatever, this promises to be a great record loaded with deft samplism, post-Dilla beatscapes, weed-addled Massive Attack atmospheres, screwed guitar shapes, and that Blunt-vocal; underscored by classic art-pop sensibility.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Stealth Intro 5:02 Babyfather Buy
  2. 2 Greezebloc 1:44 Babyfather Buy
  3. 3 Meditation 5:21 Babyfather featuring Arca Buy
  4. 4 Escrow 0:39 Babyfather Buy
  5. 5 Shook 2:06 Babyfather Buy
  6. 6 Motivation 2:03 Babyfather Buy
  7. 7 PROLIFIC DEAMONS 3:03 Babyfather Buy
  8. 8 Platinum Cookies 1:14 Babyfather Buy
  9. 9 Esco Freestyle 1:56 Babyfather Buy
  10. 10 Stealth 2:13 Babyfather Buy
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