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No One Deserves Happiness
The Body
No One Deserves Happiness
Thrill Jockey
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March 2016
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Portland, Oregon avant-metal, doom-rock pioneers The Body are back in the gloom of late Spring with an album according to the groups Chip King and Lee Buford “the grossest pop album of all time.” The album themes of despair and isolation are delivered by the unlikely pairing of the Body’s signature dense heaviness and mechanistic 80s dance music. 808 drum machine, cellos and trombones all feature as King and Buford dissect sonic desperation against a scrawling wall of guitar FX and clattering drums and Liz Frazer style-vocals (from Maralie Armstrong). Production collaborators past include The Haxan Cloak, metal bands Thou, Sandworm, and with Wrekmeister Harmonies. Collaborators future include a new album with The Bug. No One Deserves Happiness sits somewhere slap-bang in the middle of that terrific sonic matrix.

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  1. 1 Wanderings 3:58 The Body Buy
  2. 2 Shelter Is Illusory 4:27 The Body Buy
  3. 3 For You 2:34 The Body Buy
  4. 4 Hallow / Hollow 6:03 The Body Buy
  5. 5 Two Snakes 4:07 The Body Buy
  6. 6 Adamah 3:59 The Body Buy
  7. 7 Starving Deserter 5:59 The Body Buy
  8. 8 The Fall and the Guilt 4:31 The Body Buy
  9. 9 Prescience 7:23 The Body Buy
  10. 10 The Myth Arc 4:41 The Body Buy

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