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Darq E Freaker
Big Dada
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April 2016
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Fresh from his Don’t Freak Out mixtape, which focused on MC-led tracks, South London producer Darq E Freaker debuts on Big Dada with the instrumental ADHD EP. The first few tracks all follow fairly similar patterns – turbo-charged grime-inflected trap with insane drops. ‘Hallucinate’ introduces the squiggly expressionist synths that Darq E Freaker seems so fond of on this record. There’s something of PC Music’s fizzy futurism here, without any of the winking irony. Not content with just one great synth melody, ‘Flabbergasted’ lines a bunch of them up over driving bass and grunting vocal stabs, calling to mind Evian Christ’s work on Tri Angle. ‘Mosquito Bite’ is rather different – a real stomper with pompous synthetic strings, like a marching band on strong psychedelics. Even after what’s come before, ‘Venom’ is a real shock to the system, a proper high tempo hoover synth rave banger rendered with stunning power.

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  1. 1 Hallucinate 4:20 Darq E Freaker Buy
  2. 2 Flabbergasted 5:07 Darq E Freaker Buy
  3. 3 2C-I 4:10 Darq E Freaker Buy
  4. 4 Mosquito Bite 4:14 Darq E Freaker Buy
  5. 5 Venom 3:47 Darq E Freaker Buy

Darq E Freaker

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