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Odd Nosdam
Leaving Records
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February 2016
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Odd Nosdam, underground beatmaker renowned for his work with cLOUDDEAD, releases a new album on Leaving Records. Tracks from Sisters were road tested at Low End Theory in LA before being finalised for the album, meaning everything has a sense of space and breathing room. The album is filled with spacious, cosmic slow burners, gorgeous textures, and rescued-from-obscurity samples. Warm and engrossing music from a producer like no other.

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  1. 1 Bow They Will ! ! ! 2:29 Odd Nosdam Buy
  2. 2 Profane Bong Sue 5:03 Odd Nosdam Buy
  3. 3 Ten Echoes 1:54 Odd Nosdam Buy
  4. 4 Burrow 3:04 Odd Nosdam Buy
  5. 5 Center 1:36 Odd Nosdam Buy
  6. 6 Strng Day So Freee ! ! ! 1:54 Odd Nosdam Buy
  7. 7 Sisters 4:05 Odd Nosdam Buy
  8. 8 Endless 432 (w/Teebs) 5:58 Odd Nosdam Buy
  9. 9 Rained (for Lise) 2:43 Odd Nosdam Buy

Odd Nosdam

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