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How What Time
How What Time
Black Acre Records
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April 2016
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True to the source dubstep G Commodo drops solo debut long player How What Time for Black Acre. Following on from his Deep Medi head2head2head with Kahn and Gantz. Blending a wrap of the most original sounding dubstep we have heard in a while. Whilst processing a thick stance of club heavy weight, these plate also acts a nostalgia trip that reminds us why we fell for this sound so much back in the mid 00's. Mixing a wealth of toasting chatter samples and magnetic basslines Commodo goes in hard on the instrumentals whilst his collab with trim leaves a calling card for the grime mc's looking for a (dub)step up to the heights of floor destruction. How What Time cements Commodo's place in the hierarchy of underground bass music and places him at the front of the producers pushing this sound FWD.

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Full release delivered on release date: 08.04.16

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  1. 1 Hej 2:55 Commodo Buy
  2. 2 Pea Souper 3:49 Commodo Buy
  3. 3 Itchin (feat. Trim) 2:21 Commodo Buy
  4. 4 Hadi Hadi Ah 3:29 Commodo Buy
  5. 5 My Liege 3:33 Commodo Buy
  6. 6 Russian Glass 2:40 Commodo Buy
  7. 7 Floods 2:12 Commodo Buy
  8. 8 How Dare You 3:45 Commodo Buy
  9. 9 Sleepwave 4:08 Commodo Buy
  10. 10 HWT 2:47 Commodo Buy
  11. 11 Set It Straight (feat. Rocks FOE) 2:53 Commodo Buy
  12. 12 Köfte Cloud 4:13 Commodo Buy


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