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Optimo (Espacio)
The Vinyl Factory
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February 2016
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Optimo's JD Twitch continues a recent blazing trail of killer comps that includes the cult classics Cease & Desist DIY! LP to his edu-On-U-cation mixtape Are People People? with a tasty double pressing of cult classic, no wave wonders and underground crowd teasers from the Glasgow dancefloor of his sometime social So Low nite klub. A double LP loaded with tracks that have a cold yet funky feel, the focus drifts and goes headfirst into the industrial sounds of long time fave's and some new names unknown. Blinding sides from recent FK treasure Spider King's associated Gerry and The Holograms and pioneering minimal synth artist John Bender whose Victims of a Victimless Crime sounds like a proto-Sandra Electronics throwback to the raw and energising bad times anthem Discipline (Berlin) from Throbbing Gristle. Elsewhere Eric Random's Joy Division goes dub, track Fade In (Original Mix) and the remarkable Dreams of Pleasure (Original Mix) from Siglo XX that wears its influences on its sleeve while demonstrating some killer drums straight from the Martin Hannett school of drumming deconstruction. The tracks on display go a long way to demonstrating the vast ranges of sound and practice within post-punk and cold-wave, and in times of political hardship that mirror the period in which these tracks were first played out across the floor its fitting to see that this music is just as vital to the adventurous DJs now as it was when JD Twitch first spun the original discs back in those cold nights of 1987.

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  1. 1 Victims of a Victimless Crime (Original Mix) 4:14 John Bender Buy
  2. 2 Tribal Warning Shot (Original Mix) 5:36 Hunting Lodge Buy
  3. 3 Discipline (Berlin) (Original Mix) 10:48 Throbbing Gristle Buy
  4. 4 Kampfbereit (Original Mix) 3:24 Front 242 Buy
  5. 5 49 Second Romance? (Original Mix) 2:35 P1/E Buy
  6. 6 Power (Original Mix) 3:23 Colin Potter Buy
  7. 7 Fade In (Original Mix) 6:03 Eric Random Buy
  8. 8 Fabrik (Original Mix) 5:17 Conrad Schnitzler & Wolfgang Seidel Meissner Buy
  9. 9 Gerry & The Holograms (Original Mix) 4:07 Gerry & The Holograms Buy
  10. 10 Passion (Original Mix) 4:26 Chris & Cosey Buy
  11. 11 Porte Bonheur (Remix) 5:36 Hard Corps Buy
  12. 12 Das Feuer (Original Mix) 3:42 Holger Hiller Buy
  13. 13 Dreams of Pleasure (Original Mix) 6:06 Siglo XX Buy
  14. 14 Toundra (Original Mix) 3:13 Clair Obscur Buy
  15. 15 No Tears (Original Mix) 5:39 Tuxedomoon Buy

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Minimal Wave and Post-punk

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