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D.A.S. D.A.
Features, Vol. 4
Repitch Recordings
Catalogue Number
Release Date
February 5, 2016


Five way industrial techno smash em up from Shapednoise, AnD, Ascion and D. Carbone. Much like the No-U Turn crew took jungle and added an industrial more man than machine like feel to it, here the Repitch crew have teamed up with AnD for a fierce, teeth grinding assault of bare bones noise x techno that's more industrial than a warehouse full of people dancing at 7am on a winter's morning. All five producers throw in elements of their signature sounds and the outcome is (if you're into loud metallic techno) outstanding. Like a modern techno answer to No-u Turns Edtrafienical (produced by Ed Rush, DJ Trace, Fierce, Nico & Optical) this is a truly unique record that brings together five talented producers to make something that will held up in years to come as a landmark in the industrial techno revolution.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Corrupted Data 1 5:53 Buy

    Corrupted Data 1

  2. 2 Corrupted Data 2 3:32 Buy

    Corrupted Data 2

  3. 3 Corrupted Data 3 5:47 Buy

    Corrupted Data 3

  4. 4 Corrupted Data 4 4:30 Buy

    Corrupted Data 4

  5. 5 Corrupted Data 5 5:41 Buy

    Corrupted Data 5

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