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The Complete Landings
Richard Skelton
The Complete Landings
Corbel Stone Press
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June 2011
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Since the release of the genre-defining 'Marking Time', the music of Richard Skelton has been widely celebrated for its raw, organic beauty, its honesty and restraint. 'Landings' is the culmination of four years recording on the moors and hillsides of Northern England. And so we are taken on a sonic trek across the threshold of 'Noon Hill Wood', with its achingly beautiful interleaved bowed melodies. From there we move to a crushing Eno-esque ballad for concertina, recorded by the banks of a stream as ice melts one wintry morning. Slowly, over the course of its 70+ minutes, Skelton opens the heart of his compositional skill with an album so involving and inherently moving.

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  1. 1 Stolen Ground 35:28 Carousell
  2. 2 Noon Hill Wood 8:26 Richard Skelton Buy
  3. 3 Scar Tissue 1:56 Richard Skelton Buy
  4. 4 Threads Across the River 8:19 Richard Skelton Buy
  5. 5 Green Withins Brook 4:27 Richard Skelton Buy
  6. 6 Of the Last Generation 7:07 Richard Skelton Buy
  7. 7 Undertow 6:26 Richard Skelton Buy
  8. 8 Voice of the Book 7:26 Richard Skelton Buy
  9. 9 Rapture 2:00 Richard Skelton Buy
  10. 10 Pariah 4:43 Richard Skelton Buy
  11. 11 River Song 6:38 Richard Skelton Buy
  12. 12 Remaindered 5:34 Richard Skelton Buy
  13. 13 The Shape Leaves 7:01 Richard Skelton Buy
  14. 14 Rapture (Reprise) 36:16 Richard Skelton

Richard Skelton

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