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Part of our Albums of the Year 2016

Ash Koosha is an incredible young producer originally from Iran, who after years of classical training at the Tehran Conservatory of Music and a stint in jail for making music, relocated to London. In 2015 we were introduced to him through his debut album called GUUD, initially released on Bandcamp before being granted a re-release on Olde English Spelling Bee. GUUD was a unique electronic record, managing to sound both clean and high definition yet at the same time displaying a very animated and physical sound, promising an exciting direction for the future.

Now signed to Ninja Tune, Koosha releases new album I AKA I, which further develops his bold sound palette, intricately arranging a vast array of tones, textures and timbres in to new sonic sculptural objects. The assemblage of music concrete, romantic ornate melodies, choral and classical instrumentation, reconstituting it together in to a brand new and unidentifiable audio landscape, that occupies the same ground as Arca, the Janus crew as well as the amorphous communities in the cloud. In uncharted territory this is some of the most otherworldly music we have heard within this new generation of producers, and we highly recommend you to explore this record, turned up loud.

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  1. 1 Ote 2:26 Ash Koosha Buy
  2. 2 Feather 3:32 Ash Koosha Buy
  3. 3 Eluded 3:11 Ash Koosha Buy
  4. 4 In Line 2:24 Ash Koosha Buy
  5. 5 Mudafossil 2:34 Ash Koosha Buy
  6. 6 Hex 2:40 Ash Koosha Buy
  7. 7 Ooh Uhh 3:46 Ash Koosha Buy
  8. 8 Biutiful 3:16 Ash Koosha Buy
  9. 9 Fool Moon 3:32 Ash Koosha Buy
  10. 10 Make it Fast 2:07 Ash Koosha Buy
  11. 11 Shah 1:59 Ash Koosha Buy
  12. 12 Snow 2:48 Ash Koosha Buy
  13. 13 Growl 3:41 Ash Koosha Buy
  14. 14 Too Many 2:24 Ash Koosha Buy
  15. 15 Needs 3:25 Ash Koosha Buy

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