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Ande Somby (feat. Chris Watson)
Yoiking with the Winged Ones
Ash International
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January 29, 2016


If you read the names CHRIS and WATSON anywhere near anything, you should buy it instantly. This is the Gospel. The legendary ex-Cabaret Voltaire turned field recordist extraordinaire here turns up in a cameo role on Touch offshoot, Ash International. Ánde Somby is the Sami born vocal talent at the centre of these incredible recordings, captured live on the frozen tundra. Somby is the ‘Yoiker’ in question, an expressive yodelling vocal style performed on the borders of the human voice. Watson records the man in his outdoor environment; a bird squawks, a reindeer rustles, water drops… and then there’s the reverb- beautiful, cavernous, natural . Oh what joy, the reverb! Amazing record.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Gufihttar (Underworld Fairie) Ande Somby 5:07 Buy
  2. 2 Gadni (Spirit of the Mountain) Ande Somby 3:56 Buy
  3. 3 Neahkkameahttun (From the Other Side) Ande Somby 10:31 Buy
  4. 4 Wolf Ande Somby 17:42 Buy

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