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Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens
Kelley Polar
Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens
Catalogue Number
Release Date
November 2005

One of the Albums of the Year here, and a wonderful mix of pop and vintage electronic disco, produced by Metro Area, Kelley Polar is the guy who provides the lovely 'chicesque' strings for Metro Area's best work and here constructs a graceful and excellent album of gentle pop songs which you will find yourself singing for weeks to come. The trick is that Kelley Polar creates fresh sounding music by mixing up the old and new, and writing lovely rewarding songs.

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  1. 1 Cosmological Constancy 2:58 Kelley Polar
  2. 2 Here In The Night 4:15 Kelley Polar
  3. 3 Tyurangalila 4:43 Kelley Polar
  4. 4 My Beauty In The Moon 5:06 Kelley Polar
  5. 5 Vocalise (From Here To Polarity) 3:53 Kelley Polar
  6. 6 Ashamed Of Myself 4:53 Kelley Polar
  7. 7 The Rooms In My House Have Many Parties 3:49 Kelley Polar
  8. 8 Matter Into Energy 4:04 Kelley Polar
  9. 9 Black Hole 4:48 Kelley Polar
  10. 10 In Time 4:37 Kelley Polar

Kelley Polar


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