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Prince Rama
Xtreme Now
Catalogue Number
Release Date
March 4, 2016


Animal Collective / Paw Tracks / Not Not Fun affiliated Prince Rama (Brooklyn sisters, Nimai Larson, Taraka Larson), have been ploughing a very solitary furrow since 2008. Eight years later they return to Carpark (Toro Y Moi, Dan Deacon, Memory Tapes) for a record that the label promises “Xtreme Now is the most extreme album Prince Rama has ever made. Writing for Xtreme Now began while the Larson sisters were living on a black metal utopian commune on Vȫrmsi, a remote island off the coast of Estonia during the summer of 2012.” With that, they enlist the help of producer Alex Epton aka XXXChange (Gang Gang Dance, Björk, Spank Rock, The Kills), and they (and we) have an awful lot of fun doing pop/hair metal in the shiny, intense, silly, noisy style.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Bahia 2:56 Buy
  2. 2 Your Life in the End 4:06 Buy

    Your Life in the End

  3. 3 Now Is the Time of Emotion 2:51 Buy

    Now Is the Time of Emotion

  4. 4 Slip into Nevermore 2:52 Buy

    Slip into Nevermore

  5. 5 Fake Til You Feel 3:20 Buy

    Fake Til You Feel

  6. 6 Believe in Something Fun 3:02 Buy

    Believe in Something Fun

  7. 7 Xtreme Now Energy 2:25 Buy

    Xtreme Now Energy

  8. 8 Fantasy 3:49 Buy
  9. 9 Sochi 2:39 Buy
  10. 10 Would You Die to Be Adored 3:44 Buy

    Would You Die to Be Adored

  11. 11 Shitopia 5:43 Buy

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