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Jream House
A Pleasure
Jream House
Other People
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Release Date
January 2016
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Nicolas Jaar’s Other People label issue the debut album from New York producer Mark Hurst, aka A Pleasure. Conceptually, Jream House was devised by Hurst using numerical transposition – translating the names of artists influential to him into drum patterns. He then applied his own compositional and free improvisational techniques to the resulting rhythms. The method might be unconventional but that doesn’t detract from the music, which sets frequently gorgeous and rousing bass, synth, and guitar sounds to its intricate drum work.

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  1. 1 Durutti Gottsching 12:14 A Pleasure Buy
  2. 2 Arthur Russel 5:37 A Pleasure Buy
  3. 3 The Order of Things 7:33 A Pleasure Buy
  4. 4 Grace 7:43 A Pleasure Buy
  5. 5 Idoru 2:50 A Pleasure Buy
  6. 6 Slow Channel 7:12 A Pleasure Buy
  7. 7 Am Me Evol Eye 7:18 A Pleasure Buy

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