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DMX Krew
RAM Expansion
Breakin Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
January 22, 2016


Ed Upton dons his DMX Krew guise, fires up the machines (or does he ever turn them off?) and gorges out a hefty six-track EP of hardware wizardry packed with plenty of nods to Analord era AFX and other Rephlex mutations for Last Known Trajectory. The title cut is an absolute synth buffet, letting off zapping gamma rays over dramatic, long-drawn chords and plenty of gristly interference buried in the back, whilst razor-sharp hi-hats and a runaway electro swing on ‘Experiment 5’ provides the perfect soundtrack to dystopian dance floors the world over. Flipside, prepare for a battering with the pummeling industrial barrage of ‘Division By Zero’, followed by the coarse, sci-fi indebted ‘Rubout’ and finally some real vintage Rephlex zeal on the hyper-speed gyrations of ‘Bad Vibrations’

Digital Track List

  1. 1 RAM Expansion 4:06 Buy
  2. 2 Experiment 5 3:48 Buy
  3. 3 Quantum Computer 3:33 Buy

    Quantum Computer

  4. 4 Division By Zero 3:41 Buy

    Division By Zero

  5. 5 Rubout 3:50 Buy
  6. 6 Bad Vibes 3:53 Buy

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