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EVOLVER + Remixes
Lorenzo Senni
EVOLVER + Remixes
Catalogue Number
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January 2016

First released in 2014, on limited edition black chrome cassette, Bleep have managed to grab a few copies from man like Senni, he of that game-changing, Trance-mangling, Superimpositions 12”. Much in demand now, this shows Senni in Summer 2012 playing at his Roland JP-8000 (the only sound source used for these recordings). Track one is unadulterated Senni, 13 minutes of blissed out euphoria-non-euphoria, Reichaen repetition and Trance builds that keep on building… The flip showcases Senni’s remix skills as he deconstructs two famous rave cuts- KayCee’s „Escape“ and Veracocha’s „Carte Blanche“ to thrilling effect.


###Side 1

  1. Lorenzo Senni- EVOLVER ###Side 2
  2. Kaycee - Escape (Lorenzo Senni QJ Remix)
  3. Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Lorenzo Senni QJ Remix)
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  1. 1 EVOLVER 1:04 Lorenzo Senni
  2. 2 Carte Blanche (Lorenzo Senni QJ Remix) 4:52 Veracocha

Lorenzo Senni

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