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Altars Of Science
Marcus Schmickler
Altars Of Science
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November 2007
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This is pretty fantastic stuff from Marcus Schmickler. Two CD's of the same tracks, one is stereo and the other is a multi channel mix, which with the right equipment will zip around your ears. Altars of Science is a single computedr generated piece, but it's indexed for ease. The track kicks off straight away with digital noise, buzzing, distortion, sharp piercing tones, strange rasping digital noise. The piece calms down to swells and pulsing creating sounds that are just about recognizable, later noisy outburst puncture the silence with growing volume. Then, the sounds begin to come apart, disassembling, stuttering and dropping off into silence, piece by piece.

It's a spectacular piece, somewhere between Emego's digital output and modern composition, hard to bear in places buy cultivated with drama and excitement in mind.

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  1. 1 Altars Of Science 1 (Stereo Mix) 5:55 Marcus Schmickler Buy
  2. 2 Altars Of Science 2 (Stereo Mix) 5:03 Marcus Schmickler Buy
  3. 3 Altars Of Science 3 (Stereo Mix) 5:11 Marcus Schmickler Buy
  4. 4 Altars Of Science 4 (Stereo Mix) 5:00 Marcus Schmickler Buy
  5. 5 Altars Of Science 5 (Stereo Mix) 5:10 Marcus Schmickler Buy
  6. 6 Altars Of Science 6 (Stereo Mix) 4:38 Marcus Schmickler Buy
  7. 7 Altars Of Science 7 (Stereo Mix) 4:31 Marcus Schmickler Buy
  8. 8 Altars Of Science 8 (Stereo Mix) 3:17 Marcus Schmickler Buy

Marcus Schmickler


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