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Path Integral
Parc en Ciel
Path Integral
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April 2016
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Having appeared in various mixes from Rustie and plagued by requests for an official release, LuckyMe finally unveil the debut recordings of Parc en Ciel in the form of the Path Integral LP and from what we have heard so far, the hype is much deserved. Not a huge amount is known about Parc en Ciel and in an internet savvy world of everyone knowing everything about an artist, this adds a cloak of mystique to the artist that comes across in his music. Harking back to the classic Giallo film scores but executed with drum programming that carries influence from Chicago innovatores such as Trans Am, the music found within the grooves of Path Integral transcends influences from the spacious theoretical psychiatrist and ‘great explainer’ Dr Richard Feynman and the natural world's harmony. Sublime sounds encased in a lush sleeve featuring photography by Christina Kernohan.

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  1. 1 pH 4:10 Parc en Ciel Buy
  2. 2 King of Sevens 4:05 Parc en Ciel Buy
  3. 3 Maastricht 4:19 Parc en Ciel Buy
  4. 4 Path Integral 4:27 Parc en Ciel Buy
  5. 5 Rom Com 4:25 Parc en Ciel Buy
  6. 6 The Goods 2:08 Parc en Ciel Buy
  7. 7 Skeletone 3:43 Parc en Ciel Buy
  8. 8 St Remy 3:13 Parc en Ciel Buy
  9. 9 Telomere 4:50 Parc en Ciel Buy
  10. 10 Herds 6:39 Parc en Ciel Buy


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