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December 2015
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Aaron David Ross has always been a few steps ahead of everyone else in pushing high-concept electronics; whether that is revising the balmy-science fiction library music palette (Solitary Pursuits on Public Information), flexing the breakbeat muscle (Chunky Monkey on Hippos In Tanks) or crashing into high-octane Horror inspired EBM as Gatekeeper. The last Gatekeeper release, Exo c.2012, was accompanied by an immersive video game platform. Here, back as ADR, he stretches that high-def digital experience even further with his debut for PAN. Accelerationist electronics (think Lorenzo Senni, Visionist) blur into a whirlwind of deconstructed samples and glitch that will tickle ears. The release will also take the form of a "playable video game-like environment where users can explore various geometries and particle systems, all skinned entirely in video texture maps sourced from Vpeeker." Furthermore, the project will incorporate real-time video uploads from Vine. Next level.

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  1. 1 Favicon 2:05 ADR Buy
  2. 2 DesireProfile? 3:17 ADR Buy
  3. 3 Gain Babies 1:22 ADR Buy
  4. 4 Cloud Broker 0:56 ADR Buy
  5. 5 Tank Drainers 2:11 ADR Buy
  6. 6 Whose Your Data 1:41 ADR Buy
  7. 7 Lifeline 1:36 ADR Buy
  8. 8 Neural Net Worth 1:54 ADR Buy
  9. 9 Airframe 1:15 ADR Buy
  10. 10 Save The Coils 1:27 ADR Buy
  11. 11 Fiscal Spliff 2:57 ADR Buy
  12. 12 House of Hybrids 1:21 ADR Buy
  13. 13 Sizzle Reel 2:49 ADR Buy
  14. 14 Truth Booth 1:18 ADR Buy
  15. 15 All Night Wrong 1:19 ADR Buy



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