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Skid Row
James Ferraro
Skid Row
Break World Records
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November 2015
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There’s a strong case to be made to place James Ferraro as one of the more-important electronic artists to have worked over the last ten years. His various excursions never stay still yet influence many (witness Far Side Virtual, NYC Hell 3.00AM for measure of that). His return then, is welcome. On Skid Row, Ferraro holds up a black-mirror to his new home of L.A and what’s reflected is a gorgeously unsettling vision of abstract R&B-sampledelia– basking in dark interior minimalism, not Malibu Beach sunshine. A little like Dean Blunt’s recent work for Rough Trade, but much weirder, much (G)funkier. Way Ahead Of The Game, as per usual.

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  1. 1 Burning Prius (For the World) 1:34 James Ferraro Buy
  2. 2 White Bronco 4:32 James Ferraro Buy
  3. 3 Pollution 3:48 James Ferraro Buy
  4. 4 Street Freaks 4:28 James Ferraro Buy
  5. 5 Million Dollar Man 1:14 James Ferraro Buy
  6. 6 Thrash & Escalate 3:14 James Ferraro Buy
  7. 7 Skid Row 4:32 James Ferraro Buy
  8. 8 To Live and Die in LA 8:33 James Ferraro Buy
  9. 9 Rhinestones 5:32 James Ferraro Buy
  10. 10 Doctor Hollywood 6:54 James Ferraro Buy
  11. 11 1992 4:18 James Ferraro Buy
  12. 12 Sentinel Beast 4:54 James Ferraro Buy
  13. 13 At the Beach 3:18 James Ferraro Buy

James Ferraro

Break World Records

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