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Familiar Obstacles
Familiar Obstacles
Negative Days/Hands In The Dark
Catalogue Number
Release Date
November 2015

Essential vinyl edition of the sold out tape from London experimentalists Tomaga. Counting Doug Finders Keepers as a frontline fan Tomaga are currently forging a name for themselves in underground library sound scenes and Familiar Obstacles is possibly the most precise release from the group yet. Mixing elements of proto-techno electronica with more classic instrumentation to devastating effect. One for fans of Dead-Cert imprint, PYE Corner Audio and the Room 40 label.


###Side 1

  1. Train For Owl
  2. Hibernation Theme
  3. Lettere di Pezza
  4. Central Position
  5. Fugue State In Marbles
  6. Central Position (reprise)
  7. Over the Cracks
  8. Downpurge
  9. The Knight with Four Hands

###Side 2

  1. Frog March
  2. Brutal Gravity
  3. Microns in Amber Light
  4. Bethnal Grey
  5. Special Bass Line for Alan
  6. Biscuit Tin
  7. The Pegs and the Moon
  8. Adventure in Minor Scale
  9. Giant Cosmic Tear
  10. Closing Thrum
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  1. 1 Lettere di Pezza Tomaga 4:30
  2. 2 Fugue State In Marbles Tomaga 2:12
  3. 3 Over the Cracks Tomaga 3:21
  4. 4 Downpurge Tomaga 3:04
  5. 5 Frog March Tomaga 1:36
  6. 6 Adventure In Minor Scale Tomaga 1:52


Experimental and Noise

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