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Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood and The Rajasthan Express
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November 20, 2015


Here we have something pretty special, alt-rocker turned composer extraordinaire Jonny Greenwood has hooked up with the Israeli composer Shye Ben Tzur and the Qawwali group the Rajasthan Express to create a truly wonderful soundtrack album for Nonesuch. While his roots lie in the stadium sized experimentation of his group Radiohead, you have to admire Jonny Greenwood for his ear for truly arresting sound, having worked on the now considered modern classic soundtracks There Will Be Blood and The Master it's on Junun that he hits the peak of the creativity he has showed across these soundtracks in recent years. Working alongside Shye Ben Tzur and The Rajasthan Express Junun is a proper trip of classical stringed instrumentation, hand crafted drum beats and as much atmosphere as a Joy Division 12" remixed by Andy Votel. Each track is a highlight but the whole LP hangs together like a vast painting with tiny detail everywhere you look that has been blended together to make a full and unique piece that deserves your full attention.


###Side 1

  1. Junun
  2. Rocked
  3. Hu
  4. Chala Vahi Des
  5. Kalandar
  6. Eloah

###Side 2

  1. Julus
  2. Allah Elohim
  3. Ahuvi
  4. Azov
  5. Junun Brass
  6. There Are Birds In The Echo Chamber
  7. Modeh
  1. 1 Junun 2:00
  2. 2 Rocked 2:00
  3. 3 Hu 2:00
  4. 4 Chala Vahi Des 2:00


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