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Blackest Ever Black
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December 2015
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Eclipsed is Swedish duo Bremen’s worldly follow-up to last year’s extraordinary Second Launch where organ and guitar collided in a darkly beautiful fashion. Swedish underground punk figures Lanchy Orre and Jonas Tiljander describe this album as black-hole psychedelia, adding that the Swedish duo's instrumental palette has expanded to include percussion treatments, saxophone, strings and dissolved vocal fragments, on top of their synths and guitar. Primed touchstones for those n’er do wells who enjoy the BEB zone, sprawling synth-prog from the 1970s, and sparse Morricone inflected soundtrack.

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  1. 1 On Board 8:58 Bremen Buy
  2. 2 Helmet 8:06 Bremen Buy
  3. 3 Cold March 5:25 Bremen Buy
  4. 4 Scorched Earth 10:03 Bremen Buy
  5. 5 Through The Barrier 4:25 Bremen Buy
  6. 6 The Art Of Non-Existence 8:00 Bremen Buy
  7. 7 Universal 7:31 Bremen Buy
  8. 8 Events And Non-Events 7:16 Bremen Buy
  9. 9 First Leap 1:54 Bremen Buy
  10. 10 A Stumble Not A Fall 4:57 Bremen Buy
  11. 11 A Glimpse At The Final Moment 7:14 Bremen Buy
  12. 12 Sick City 5:01 Bremen Buy
  13. 13 Lights Out 5:24 Bremen Buy
  14. 14 Soaring With The Mountains 5:00 Bremen Buy


Blackest Ever Black

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