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Love Over Will
Alex Smoke
Love Over Will
R&S Records
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January 2016
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On his latest album for R&S Records, Glaswegian producer Alex Smoke continues developing the sound exhibited on incredible singles for the label like ‘Dust’ and ‘GreenMan’, furrowing the depths of melancholia but emerging with something surprisingly optimistic. With a greater use of his own voice than ever before, Love Over Will is a mesh of hypnotic rhythms, layered discordant electronics, and skewed quasi-pop music. The foggy sound palette more than lives up to the ‘Smoke’ part of his moniker, while the excellent and deliberately provocative artwork visualises the album’s implicit references to Aleister Crowley’s occultology.

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  1. 1 Fair Is Foul 2:01 Alex Smoke Buy
  2. 2 Dire Need 2:56 Alex Smoke Buy
  3. 3 LossGain 3:18 Alex Smoke Buy
  4. 4 Dust 3:54 Alex Smoke Buy
  5. 5 Galdr 2:08 Alex Smoke Buy
  6. 6 All My Atoms 2:46 Alex Smoke Buy
  7. 7 Yearning Mississippi 2:03 Alex Smoke Buy
  8. 8 Love Over Will 3:15 Alex Smoke Buy
  9. 9 Manacles 3:10 Alex Smoke Buy
  10. 10 Whitening 0:58 Alex Smoke Buy
  11. 11 Astar Mara 1:55 Alex Smoke Buy
  12. 12 Star At The Summit 3:11 Alex Smoke Buy
  13. 13 Fall Out 2:42 Alex Smoke Buy

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