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Got Gills?
Otto Willberg
Got Gills?
Catalogue Number
Release Date
November 2015
  • Cassette

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    • Housed in a filter-foam case
    • Includes insert artwork by Rian Treanor (The Death Of Rave)
    • Limited to 50 copies worldwide

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Squeaky clean experi-noise-mentation from Otto Willberg for the ever on point Slip imprint. Otto Willberg is a double bassist who on Got Gills? appears to play the instrument in a way akin to if it has been transformed into a balloon to be twisted and turned into all manor of new shapes. Tracks switch between caustic acoustic darkness and soundtrack scenarios to more tongue-in-cheek takes on avant-garde styles. Basically its experimental jazz at its core and produced with a sophistication and talent that will leave you bemused by what you have just heard but keen to revisit.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 3.1 Otto Willberg   Buy
  2. 2 1.10 Otto Willberg   Buy
  3. 3 1.11 Otto Willberg   Buy
  4. 4 3.2 Otto Willberg   Buy
  5. 5 4.1 Otto Willberg   Buy
  6. 6 4.4 Otto Willberg   Buy
  7. 7 4.3 Otto Willberg   Buy
  8. 8 4.2 Otto Willberg   Buy
  9. 9 2.1 Otto Willberg   Buy


Experimental and Noise

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