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Blue As an Orange
Pierre Bastien
Blue As an Orange
Morphine Records
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January 2016
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French composer and multi-instrumentalist Pierre Bastien has been active for over four decades, receiving attention for his work building automated orchestras. His previous album, Machinations, was released via Rephlex in 2012, and his latest, Blue As An Orange, lands on the great Morphine. On Blue As An Orange, Bastien uses recycled and reassembled parts (including motors, fans, rattles, paper, and nails) to generate his rhythms. Elsewhere, live instruments include the African Kundo harp, Javanese rabab, sanza, electric harpsichord and gongs. As unconventional as those instruments might be, the album is filled with nuance, the pieces sounding warm and focused.


###Side 1

  1. Tin Unit
  2. Gnostic Illicit Song
  3. Edo Ode

###Side 2

  1. Oho
  2. Dub's Bud
  3. Seven Eves
  4. Moody Doom
  5. Snide Dins
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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Tin Unit 10:16 Pierre Bastien Buy
  2. 2 Gnostic Illicit Song 5:03 Pierre Bastien Buy
  3. 3 Edo Ode 4:33 Pierre Bastien Buy
  4. 4 Oho 6:01 Pierre Bastien Buy
  5. 5 Dub's Bud 4:56 Pierre Bastien Buy
  6. 6 Seven Eves 3:42 Pierre Bastien Buy
  7. 7 Moody Doom 3:48 Pierre Bastien Buy
  8. 8 Snide Dins 2:47 Pierre Bastien Buy

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