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Burnin' Up
DJ Haus
Burnin' Up
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Release Date
November 2015
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DJ Haus, head of Unknown to the Unknown, releases his debut album Burnin’ Up via Rinse. DJ Haus picks from different genres and different eras to make the album’s tracks. The result is such a mish-mash of ideas that it never feels too retro: you can hear elements of ghetto house, acid, 2-step, or bleep’n’bass across the album, and often across just one track. He keeps these ideas unified by deploying chopped-up R&B vocals at every opportunity he can, giving the whole album an important sense of familiarity.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Won't Let U Get Away 4:55 DJ Haus Buy
  2. 2 Higher 4:51 DJ Haus Buy
  3. 3 Burnin' Up 5:05 DJ Haus Buy
  4. 4 Hypnotizin' 3:53 DJ Haus Buy
  5. 5 Eez Werkin' 4:36 DJ Haus Buy
  6. 6 Houz Muzik 4:42 DJ Haus featuring Chambray Buy
  7. 7 No More Loving 5:08 DJ Haus Buy
  8. 8 In My Mind 4:59 DJ Haus Buy
  9. 9 Make Me Feel This Way 4:40 DJ Haus Buy
  10. 10 Keep Me Coming 4:42 DJ Haus featuring Innershades Buy
  11. 11 Acid Stringz 5:47 DJ Haus Buy

DJ Haus

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