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Dawn Of The Next Cycle
Dawn Of The Next Cycle
100% Silk
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October 2015
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Following his Depth / Seers EP for Icee Hot in 2014, San-Francisco-based producer Ben Winan resurfaces as Roche on LA imprint 100% Silk: his full-length Dawn Of The Next Cycle is a trippy journey into the colourful fog of his lofi house music. Taking cues from the best of Detroit and old school jack, the album balances hypnotic synth patterns and shuffling percussion sequences surprisingly well: the result is mesmerising: ‘Churning Your Chest’ sucks you in with its multiple loops that seemingly play against each other, but come together as a whole. The theme of ‘Positive Sky’ tunes in and out, giving way to warped percussion and bottom-dwelling synth notes, while ‘Visions Again’ relinquishes the beat altogether, shining in multi-harmonic bliss.

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  1. 1 Liar's Den 6:28 Roche Buy
  2. 2 Churning Your Chest 6:42 Roche Buy
  3. 3 Breathe Deep 7:06 Roche Buy
  4. 4 Metabolize The Bullshit 7:28 Roche Buy
  5. 5 Visions Again 5:28 Roche Buy
  6. 6 Positive Sky 5:12 Roche Buy
  7. 7 Time Remaining (Dawn Of The Next Cycle) 7:36 Roche Buy
  8. 8 Look Inside Yourself 7:28 Roche Buy


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