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Yuzo Koshiro
Streets Of Rage
Data Discs
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Release Date
October 2, 2015


Now, we all know and love Streets Of Rage (if you don't get down to your local charity shop or nearest skip and fish out an old Sega and Ebay a copy of this legendary game) but who remembers the soundtrack? Well Data Discs have proved there is some justice in the world and pressed a stunningly manufactured vinyl edition of Yuzo Koshiro's masterpiece. It's telling that the soundtrack came out in 91' as the sounds found within perfectly fit alongside a lot of the rave and ardkore' that was emerging in clubs around this time. Indeed, Koshiro took a vast influence from 1990s club music for the SOR soundtracks, as well as employing elements of Berlin dub techno and piano house to proto-grime but still sounding entirely unique with its seriously funky sounds. It truly is the perfect soundtrack for late night trawls through inner-city urban streets where society has broken down and all there is to eat is apples and roast chickens (remember those power ups?) and you have to lamp people with pipes and bins for survival. This is an essential cop for anyone who's childhood was spent playing Streets Of Rage but also stands alone as an LP of music so far ahead of its time its taken until now for a full vinyl issue to be released and for the rest of the world to catch up.



  1. Yuzo Koshiro - The Street of Rage
  2. Yuzo Koshiro - Player Select
  3. Yuzo Koshiro - Fighting in the Street
  4. Yuzo Koshiro - Attack the Barbarian
  5. Yuzo Koshiro - Dilapidated Town
  6. Yuzo Koshiro - Moon Beach
  7. Yuzo Koshiro - Keep the Groovin'
  8. Yuzo Koshiro - Round Clear

Side 2

  1. Yuzo Koshiro - Beatnik on the Ship
  2. Yuzo Koshiro - Stealthy Steps
  3. Yuzo Koshiro - Violent breathing
  4. Yuzo Koshiro - The Last Soul
  5. Yuzo Koshiro - You Became the Bad Guy!
  6. Yuzo Koshiro - Big Boss
  7. Yuzo Koshiro - My Little Baby
  8. Yuzo Koshiro - Game Over
  1. 1 The Street of Rage 1:40
  2. 2 Player Select 1:07
  3. 3 Fighting in the Street 7:14
  4. 4 Dilapidated Town 5:00

Yuzo Koshiro

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