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Of Matter and Spirit
Aisha Devi
Of Matter and Spirit
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October 2015
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The Swiss-Nepalese-Tietan electronic producer Aisha Devi releases her debut album on Houndstooth, which explores the disconnection between matter and spirit in society. Devi is also key component of exciting new(ish) Lyon/Geneva imprint Danse Noire. Her last work, the intriguingly titled Conscious Cunt EP, was a three track EP exploring spirituality and femininity, Devi presses on with these similar conceptual themes here on the debut LP for Fabric-affiliated Houndstooth (ran by the imperious Electronic Explorations don, Rob Booth). Expect a vivid M.E.S.H of sonic ideas that blister from hi-fidelity sound design experiments to distorted, detuned, Evian Christ beat frenzies by way of something acutely exotic and deeply strange, wonderful.

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  1. 1 Adera 3:43 Aisha Devi Buy
  2. 2 Mazdâ 5:33 Aisha Devi Buy
  3. 3 Initiation to an Illusion 4:17 Aisha Devi Buy
  4. 4 Numen J 4:44 Aisha Devi Buy
  5. 5 Kim & the Wheel of Life 6:21 Aisha Devi Buy
  6. 6 Aurat (Tool) 2:32 Aisha Devi Buy
  7. 7 1% 5:28 Aisha Devi Buy
  8. 8 Anatomy of Light 4:18 Aisha Devi Buy
  9. 9 O.M.A. 4:51 Aisha Devi Buy
  10. 10 The Saviour on Spilled Blood 4:28 Aisha Devi Buy

Aisha Devi


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