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Live at 9:30
Animal Collective
Live at 9:30
Domino Recording Co
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September 2015
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Surprise drop from Lennox, Tare, Deakin et al. as they release this celebratory live recording in ode to Washington DC’s famed 9:30 Club, recorded during a show on June 12, 2013. Animal Collective are one of the few bands where the live experience can be wildly different to that material laid down on record. Stripped of the ability to edit-down their playful, reeform jams, the onstage Collective transmutes into an invigorating, transcendent experience: carefree and full of that childlike playfulness that makes their best songs such a thrill. Expect insane, (re)visions of hits like ‘My Girls’, ‘Did You See The Words’ and ‘I Think I Can’.

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  1. 1 Amanita (Live) 9:53 Animal Collective Buy
  2. 2 Did You See the Words (Live) 7:11 Animal Collective Buy
  3. 3 Honeycomb (Live) 4:26 Animal Collective Buy
  4. 4 My Girls (Live) 7:14 Animal Collective Buy
  5. 5 Moonjock (Live) 6:10 Animal Collective Buy
  6. 6 New Town Burnout (Live) 11:07 Animal Collective Buy
  7. 7 I Think I Can (Live) 8:12 Animal Collective Buy
  8. 8 Pulleys (Live) 15:10 Animal Collective Buy
  9. 9 What Would I Want? Sky (Live) 8:09 Animal Collective Buy
  10. 10 Peacebone (Live) 8:53 Animal Collective Buy
  11. 11 Monkey Riches (Live) 8:22 Animal Collective Buy
  12. 12 Brothersport (Live) 11:00 Animal Collective Buy
  13. 13 The Purple Bottle (Live) 10:06 Animal Collective Buy

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